Forklift Certification

Providing Expert Forklift Training Courses

Our instructors at 180 CDL Entry Level are professionally trained and OSHA certified. We are well equipt to offer exceptional forklift driving courses. We’re here to help you get the certification you need to discover more job opportunities in the future. 


Our Forklift Training

All of our courses include the following:

  • Lift Truck Fundaments
  • Principles of Balance, Stability, and Capacity
  • Pre-Operational Inspection Procedure
  • Guidelines for Safe Operation
  • Safe Load Handling Techniques
  • Safe Handling and Refueling of IC and Electric Trucks

Instruction Materials

  • Video Courses on Safety Concepts and Operational Techniques
  • Student Workbook and Guide
  • Written Exam
  • Hands-On Training With Actual Equipment

By the end of their class, students will be thoroughly prepared to efficiently operate a forklift.

Certification Credentials Upon Completion

Every student will receive proof of course completion, including:

  • Laminated Certificate With Completion Details
  • Plastic ID Wallet Card
  • Certification (Valid for 3 Years)
  • Backup Certification Records Stored at Our Facility

Why Get Certified

A staggering 80% of forklift-related accidents occur at the dock and are the cause of serious injuries and casualties.

An untrained operator can wreak havoc through damaged products and equipment, excessive downtime, workers’ comp, liability insurance, injuries, fines, and lawsuits.

Sharpening the skills of your operators will make them more aware when turning a corner, loading a truck, lifting a load, or backing up.

Talk to Our Staff Members Today

180 CDL Entry Level conducts hundreds of classes under our belt. That’s why we are exceptionally adept at recognizing skill deficiencies and effectively answering questions. Contact us today for more information.