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180 CDL Entry Level is experienced in training company employees and provides all necessary training to obtain a commercial driver's license. We customize our programs to address all of your needs.


CDL Training

We have worked with major trucking companies, utilities, unions, bus companies, government entities, small businesses, manufacturers, and more to create training programs that fit the needs of their fleets.

A driver who is responsible for making multiple stops every day in an urban environment will have to focus on different skill sets than a driver operating a tractor-trailer on highways.

Driver Recruitment

Large employers turn to us to recruit drivers. We are committed to preparing students for their life as truck drivers. In addition to their training, every student goes through our Job Readiness 101 course.

Build a Career

Through the Job Readiness 101 program, students become aware of their responsibilities and rights as a driver and receive an introduction to CSA compliance requirements for CDL holders.

It means companies get candidates who are not only prepared with the necessary skills to drive a truck, but also have realistic expectations about what the job will entail.

We encourage truck driver recruiters to make regular stops at our locations to let our future graduates know what opportunities are available in the transportation industry.

Driver Evaluation

We review your current employees to assess their skills and identify the areas in which they need to improve.

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